The American Public Works Association (APWA) announced this week that major changes are in store for the annual conference and equipment show, which will be known as PWX beginning in 2016. The new PWX brand stands for “Public Works Expo,” which will replace the previous lengthy title, “International Public Works Congress & Exposition.” The launch of PWX is part of APWA’s response to significant trends occurring in the workforce.

“This is an exciting time of change,” said APWA President Brian Usher, PWLF. “PWX is a symbol of our recognition of generational trends in the workplace. PWX is not merely a new name for an old program; but a revamped annual event that will incorporate more technology and engage all generations active in the profession. And, PWX will provide a setting that encourages cross-generational dialogue so everyone can learn and benefit.”

“In the next five years, the workforce will be comprised of five generations working side by side in the workplace, and all of these generations have significant differences in their work behaviors and learning styles,” said APWA Marketing Director David Dancy. “PWX will embrace that reality and will give all generations more opportunities to share what they know and learn from each other.”

“You can expect real changes with PWX that will take the APWA annual conference into the future workplace,” said APWA Meetings Director Dana Priddy. “Our vision is to have an annual event that engages all generations by incorporating new learning methods that encourage more collaborations, and use technology to allow more people to access the conference in a variety of ways.”

“We are already reviewing the latest meeting and event strategies, technologies and formats, and incorporating new ideas for learning into PWX 2016 in Minneapolis,” said Priddy. “We want attendees to walk away excited about the experience and ready to put what they learned into practice when they get home.”

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