The American Public Works Association (APWA) has launched its third professional certification program at the 2008 International Public Works Congress & Exposition in New Orleans. The Certified Stormwater Manager (CSM) is the latest in a series of professional development initiatives administered by the APWA.

"We are supporting public works professionals to gain recognition as experts in their chosen field," says Noel Thompson, APWA president. "The new stormwater certification program will recognize the knowledge and credentials of those who deal with stormwater on a day-to-day basis."

The CSM program is geared toward experts who coordinate and implement stormwater management programs for municipal, county, and state agencies. They likely assist in administering drainage, flood control, and water quality programs, which may require management of public education, illicit discharges, erosion control, post-development runoff BMPs, system maintenance, water quality monitoring, and data analysis. They also may be involved with a variety of other planning and policy development.

Participation is voluntary and open to anyone meeting the eligibility requirements. The CSM includes an eligibility application process, an examination and a recertification process.

--Michael Fielding