In the October issue of PUBLIC WORKS, Editor in Chief Stephanie Johnston presented readers with 20 questions about sustainability, which generated a lot of reader response (be sure to check out our January issue's Letters to the Editor page, coming to your mailbox soon!).

We hope to generate even more response with our next set of 20 questions - about your salary and benefits.

Last Friday, you should have found an e-mail waiting for you in your inbox, inviting you to participate in our annual salary and benefits survey. We want you to tell us:

  • How much you get paid
  • What types of benefits you receive
  • What benefits you may have lost in this shrinking economy
  • How much you like your job.

We also want to know if any positions have been cut from your department - and we give you the opportunity to contribute your 2 cents on those cuts.

In return for your valuable input, we'll enter you into a drawing to receive one of 10 $25 American Express gift cards. (We call that an incentive bonus).

If you did not get a chance to take the survey yet, click here to begin. Please complete the survey as accurately as possible. Your response is anonymous. We'll analyze the results in our March issue.

We look forward to finding out about what keeps you working.

Victoria K. Sicaras
Managing editor, PUBLIC WORKS

*If you are a consultant or in private industry, please do not complete this survey as it is geared toward municipal, county, state, and special district employees only.