Whitehouse, New Jersey -- Newly released data has given additional insights into customer smartphone usage and it has significant implications for creating leads and driving sales. While Android is currently outselling Apple two to three, with Android devices at 52.5% of the market and Apple devices at 34.3% according to comScore, website traffic and purchasing patterns are showing Apple devices to be much more significant when it comes to business transactions and return on investment.

Data from New Jersey marketing firm Delia Associates shows consumer facing websites receiving over 75% of their mobile traffic coming from Apple devices, outperforming Android devices by over 3:1. In the B2B sector the numbers are much closer with Apple devices receiving just under 50% of the total website traffic. The numbers highlight the significance of mobile optimization for Apple devices including devices such as the iPod touch and iPad, which use similar mobile browsers.

“What we’re finding is that when it comes to attracting consumers, optimizing for Apple devices is still of the highest importance,” notes Ed Delia, President of Delia Associates. “While mobile usage across all operating systems is increasing, it’s clear that Apple device users are much more likely to go to a website to make a purchase.”

Mobile traffic is increasing across the board at a much more rapid pace for the consumer facing sector. Delia Associates shared overall mobile traffic findings for three different industries highlighting the importance of mobile device targeting. In two consumer facing industries, year over year increases in total mobile traffic were up 100%. However, B2B mobile traffic saw increases of only 10%.

“While we saw increases in mobile traffic for B2B companies,” adds Delia, “we are seeing mobile traffic skyrocket for consumer facing businesses. This is highlighting the need for any business that directly faces consumers, from law firms to home improvement contractors, to have a mobile site.”

While most users still access the web through traditional desktop and laptop devices, it is quickly becoming critical to be optimized for mobile. Though mobile traffic and device penetration is increasing across the board, numbers indicate that for most brands Apple is the dominant force in customer traffic.