There are multiple solutions for handling the variable force that is stormwater. From building green infrastructure to the installation of stormwater controls communities have come up with various solutions.

One solution is non-structural stormwater strategies, for which The City of San Diego a developed a methodology for quantifying the effects:

Within its stormwater permit and as part of a TMDL, San Diego must identify BMPs and the effects of those BMPs on various pollutants as well as anticipated water quality changes. To quantify the effects of non-structural controls, the analysis included the level of control the city has over the strategy as well as constructs affected by outreach campaigns, such as guilt and social norms.

A percent removal range was developed for each of the pollutants removed by various BMPs. The removal range could be as low as 2% for a minor pollutant that is only partially affected by a certain BMP up to 72% for a major pollutant where the city has significant control over the management strategy.

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