A new poll released by the Value of Water Coalition shows Americans are deeply concerned with the state of water infrastructure. Respondents were initially evenly split (47% on each side) when asked whether they would pay to fix these problems but after further information, a majority (60%) said that they would pay.

Notably, 95% of respondents said it was important for public officials to invest in water systems so that communities would not suffer the fate of Flint:

“This is a critical time and important opportunity to have a conversation across the country about the importance of investing in our water systems. Being able to drink water straight from the tap and knowing that wastewater is safely and responsibly treated are top concerns for Americans. As a nation, we must prioritize investment in our water systems—to maintain high-quality water service today and for future generations,” said Radhika Fox, director of the Value of Water Coalition and CEO of the US Water Alliance.

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