Blue Angel Pumps today announced that their new line of commercial grade sewage pumps are being built in the USA, with enhanced features such as cast iron components and several switch options, including automatic, manual, as well as tether and vertical float switches for tight spaces. These high performance pumps are assembled in the USA with foreign and domestic parts.

Eric Tinnemeyer, Group President, WAYNE Water Systems, Blue Angel Pumps’ manufacturer, says the American workforce is second to none in creating top of the line, reliable pump products. “Our customers choose Blue Angel for best-in-class quality at a globally competitive price,” he said. “Assembling pumps here in the states is clearly the best option and allows us to respond quickly to event driven demand spikes as well.”

The new Blue Angel Sewage Pump line assembled in the USA, includes:

• Blue Angel Commercial-Grade Submersible Sewage Pump (T50SW, T40SW, F50SW) - A sturdy 1/2 HP, or 4/10 HP 120 volt pump with a cast iron motor housing and volute for tough sewage applications. With a maximum flow rate of 140 gallons per minute (and 128 GPM for the 4/10 HP) the pump features a stainless steel shaft for long life. Switch options include a snap-action mechanical float switch for automatic operation or a piggy-back tether float switch for automatic or manual operation.

Blue Angel well and transfer pumps, previously built overseas, will now be fully assembled in the USA. They include:

• Cast Iron Convertible Well Pump (Model 100 CJW) – a 1 HP well pump with a maximum flow rate of 17.6 Gallons Per Minute at 30 psi. The pressure switch is pre-set at 30-50 PSI for automatic operation. The durable cast iron volute with dedicated priming port for volute filling is designed for wells for up to 90 ft. in depth.

• Shallow Well Jet Pump (Model 50SJW) – With similar features to the Convertible Well Pump, this ½ HP pump is a rugged solution for wells under 25 ft., with a maximum flow rate of 12.5 gallons per minute at 30 psi.

• Cast Iron Transfer Pump with Storage Case (Model 50TK) – Plumbers can drain a water heater in minutes or pump out a flooded basement with this ½ HP pump. It has a maximum flow rate of 1,450 gallons per hour (at 5 PSI). The pump boosts line pressure up to 50 PSI and features a rugged, cast iron pump housing and motor with easy-priming outlet. It connects to a standard hose.

“We have made significant investments that will allow us to bring back more production to the USA,” adds Tinnemeyer. The new Blue Angel Sewage Pump products and others are available at home centers nationwide.

Blue Angel Pumps