Heavy trucks that are stopping, turning, accelerating, or climbing expose pavements to high levels of stress. The Asphalt Pavement Alliance's High-Performance Intersections provides useful guidelines to pavement designers who deal with intersections and other high-stress pavements. The free download is available at www.asphaltroads.org.

“Engineers know that heavy, slow-moving traffic found at intersections, toll booths, and other such locations can expose pavements to the highest stress levels possible,” says co-author Wayne Jones of the Asphalt Institute. “But a well-designed, well-constructed pavement can deliver the same outstanding performance as all other pavements.”

The publication lays out a four-point strategy to ensure good performance for intersections and other high-stress applications. It chronicles two head-to-head competitions between asphalt and concrete intersections. It also discusses the “World's Strongest Intersection,” located next to a quarry in Illinois.