Now in its seventh year, the World of Concrete's prestigious Most Innovative Products (MIP) contest showcases 28 tools, equipment, materials, and services that contractors, architects, and designers selected from a pool of 100 candidates. The following winners are the best of the best for public works professionals.


Flatproofed tire recycling
TyrFil Recycling Systems allow heavy equipment users who have traditionally flatproofed their tires with polyurethane tire fill materials to now use up to 50% recycled polyfill. This patented process of blending virgin polyfill with recycled material not only produces a superior flatproofing product, but also keeps used polyfill and tires out of landfills while reducing the amount of virgin material required to flatproof industrial tires. Pathway Polymers.

Photo-engraved formliners
Almost any image in standard graphic format can be turned into one, or a series, of formliners for cast-in-place or precast concrete. The photo-engraving process uses a computer-based method and a special CNC milling machine for transferring scanned image data into 256 gray scales and transferring the image to the elastic formliner. The resulting surface pattern can vary from fine to coarse depending on the resolution of the image. Nawkaw Corp./Reckli.

Dust-free dual-head diamond grinder
The BMGP-600 uses patent-pending Point of Development technology to greatly improve dust collection during the grinding process, reducing cleanup, extending diamond life, and providing better work surface visibility. Dust is removed as it develops and is carried away through high-velocity ports in the diamond plugs, which cools the plugs without water and further extends the life of the diamonds. Blastrac.

Curing blanket roller
The BlanketRoller simplifies dealing with curing blankets. Rather than a crew on hands and knees in snow, mud, or frozen ground rolling up concrete curing blankets or construction barrier fencing, a single person can do so easily in seconds from a comfortable standing position. Simply pull the blanket between the two tubes, turn the crank handle approximately six times, and the curing blanket is completely rolled up and ready to secure and slide off. It is easily transported in the bed of any full-size pickup. BlanketRoller/Tradesman Tools.

Table for portable saw
The Han-D-Saw table lets you convert your portable cut-off saw to a table saw. Simply place the saw on the table and tighten the bolts. When you need a portable saw, loosen the bolts and remove the saw. The saw table, weighing only 100 lbs., can be moved easily. Push Button Masonry.

Portable washout system