Today's generation of two-way radios provides more than just voice communication. Depending on budget and need, a department can add capability ranging from GPS tracking to remote monitoring and control of plant operations.

Emergency radio tower

Available with diesel or gasoline generator, the self-contained QuickSite 1000 deploys in less than 30 minutes to provide conventional or P25 operation. Accommodates VHF, UHF, and 800 MHz on the same platform, and allows operator to control by console via notebook computer. Can be towed behind a standard pickup or SUV or airlifted into place by helicopter. BearCom.

Project-25 trunked radio

With the 5300 ES mobile radio, users get the ability to interoperate with analog and digital, wideband and narrowband through a variety of trunking protocols with a single radio. Compatible with enhanced P25 Vocoder, SMARTNET, and SmartZone, the unit supports up to 864 channels with necessary security encryption. EFJohnson.

Digital two-way radio

NEXEDGE conventional and trunked mobiles, portables, and repeaters provide digital, narrow-band technology. Multi-mode operation includes 6.25/12.5 kHz digital mode with NXDN digital air interface as well as 25/12.5 kHz analog for departments that want to migrate from an existing communications system. Additional features include enhanced digital voice, extended range, emergency call, and paging call. Kenwood U.S.A.

Remote controls and monitors

The RC/RD series offers remote monitoring and control of pumps, generators, irrigation systems, lighting systems, and fluid levels via touch tone format. Remote decoder products report tank high/low level conditions to the RC-10 desktop alarm controller or send a command to another remote decoding product to turn equipment on or off. Midian Electronics.

Interoperable mobile radio

BK Radio DMH Series exceeds Project 25 standards, including interoperability with radios of any manufacturers whose models are also P25-compliant. Software-driven functions allow for future enhancements. All 400 channels operate in digital, analog, or mixed mode. Supports 25 user groups with 16 channels per group. Relm Wireless.