Members of Congress are always getting accused of trashy behavior. One senator recently took the concept to another level.

When Congress was called to session at the beginning of the year, Sen. Norman Coleman, R-Minn., reported for duty with a mean-looking owie on his forehead. When pressed for the injury's cause, the embarrassed statesman, at first reluctant to share the reason, eventually offered this story:

The Coleman mansion back in St. Paul is undergoing serious remodeling and reconstruction. While tidying up the place, Coleman's model/actress wife Laurie accidentally tossed out a valuable antique lamp. In an effort to recover the pricey item, the Senator jumped into the Dumpster—and got a nasty nick in the knick knack recovery effort.

The Dumpster incident isn't the first time a Coleman has been caught wallowing in garbage. Last year, the senator's 81-year-old father was charged with lewd conduct when he and a 38-year-old woman were caught getting friendly in the parking lot of a St. Paul pizza parlor.