Container ships are continuing to grow larger and the CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin is the the perfect example of a large ship affecting the very infrastructure of ports. The ship is being sent around to various ports on the West Coast and officials must invest in accommodating what is the future of container ships.

The cost of these accommodations are not cheap, the port in Long Beach has already scraped deeper channels and is raising a key bridge, all at a cost of $1 billion. They are not alone, the port of Miami is raising cranes and dredging at a cost more than $1 billion:

Port officials see it as a matter of necessity since nowadays, larger container ships rule the waves. The Franklin, as wide as a 12-lane highway, totes the equivalent of 18,000 20-foot containers. Those boxes haul everything from toys and tires from China to electronics and wine from Europe. At a port, they are transferred to train cars or the backs of trucks, headed from both American coasts into the heartland to restock mass-market stores like Walmart. 

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