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Roadside management & maintenance
Road kill compost
Turn dead deer into disease-free ground cover.

The Montana DOT offers a guidance manual on roadkill carcass composting.

Cornell's Waste Management Institute researchers buried bags of intestinal and fecal matter in compost piles made of four adult deer and 3 yards of wood chips, then monitored bacteria levels in samples taken over two years. From this research, they recommend composting animal remains for 12 months and, just to be safe, using the material in "low-public-contact settings" such as highway rights of way. Study results are available at

Cornell's Waste Management Institute publishes just about everything you need to know about compost animal remains, including how the process works, where to set up a facility, how to lay animals for maximum biodegradation, and why the process works even with frozen carcasses. Go to

Salary survey
Are benefits still the icing on your cake?
From doing more with less to paying more for less, public works professionals sound off about the rising cost of benefits.


This region-by-region analysis compares median salaries of survey respondents by population served. You can find median salaries by title or department/area of work. Note: Not all titles, departments, etc. are represented due to lack of survey respondents from those areas.

May 2007 wage estimates for federal, state, and local government occupations

Click below to access a downloadable Excel form providing mean and median salaries for even more jobs in the public sector. Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

For more salary and benefits statistics by industry, occupation, region, and state, visit the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics at