I enjoyed your editorial in the January 2006 issue. You have hit the nail directly on the head. I am all for rebuilding New Orleans one more time; the only caveat is the project must take place at least 200 miles inland, otherwise they are on their own.

—Steve Haywood, assessor/building inspector, Town of Williamson, N.Y.

I have just finished reading your editorial from the January 2006 edition. I read it several times because I was so inspired by your willingness to say what the majority of us feel but may not say because of political correctness. As a 22-year veteran of government service, I too feel the conflict of balancing the desire to be part of the solution with “whose responsibility is it?” Thank you for your insight and honesty.

—Douglas Riseden

I just read your editorial regarding New Orleans. I am in complete agreement. We go to extreme efforts to prevent building in the 100-year floodplain and yet are expected to fund rebuilding efforts below sea level. Doesn't make much sense.

—Mark Hines, engineering department, City of Waco

How refreshing it was to finally read an opinion that was right on the mark about responsibility in New Or-leans. I am so tired of all the “poor me” articles about it being the federal government's responsibility to rebuild these areas as though it's owed to them. I commend you on your editorial and just hope this message makes its way to Washing-ton, D.C., as you said we are all responsible for ourselves.

—Mike Brzezicki, water department superintendent, Quakertown, Pa.