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Through the support of a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Lowline project is looking to create a working prototype to capture sunlight for their underground New York City park. Proposed in 2011, the Lowline would be the second phase of the popular Highline as a way to improve urban life by reinventing old city buildings. The Lowline was the first city-scale project to be fully launched through crowdfunding. Similar projects are being worked on in other cities such as Washington D.C. with the DuPont Underground project.

Successfully raising $200,000 with the support of notables like Lena Dunham, this second phase of the project will go towards sunlight. The proposal is to use 100% organic photons to create a “eerie yellow-green” glow in the space.
Working with the UK and South Korean based company SunPortal, it will take a full year, until next spring, before we see how truly successful the project will be in providing proper sun intensity. The prototype begins operating in September.

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