PUBLIC WORKS News Service-Enactment of the FY 2010 budget resolution "will be the starting point as theHouse considers the new surface transportation authorization bill," Kansas Secretary ofTransportation Deb Miller testified today before the House Budget Committee.

Appearing on behalf of the American Association of State Highway andTransportation Officials, Miller outlined a six-year, multi-modal transportation investment that includes:

  • $375 billion for highways;
  • $93 billion for transit;
  • $42 billion for freight, from outside the Highway Trust Fund; and
  • $35 billion for intercity passenger rail, also from outside the Highway Trust Fund.

Miller noted that even before addressing authorization, however, the Congressmust ensure that the Highway Trust Fund has sufficient revenue to fund the currentprogram. An $8 billion transfer made by Congress last September may not be sufficient to last through the year, she said.

The problem worsens next year, she said, noting, "Revenues are flowing into theHighway Trust Fund at a rate billions of dollars below the current rate of obligations forfuture spending. Come October 1, unless Congress closes this gap, the highway programwill face a cutback of $20 billion or more for FY 2010. The transit program will face a $5 billion reduction one year later. It is vital, at a minimum, to sustain the current highway and transit programs at no less than their current levels of funding."