Scientists aren’t sure that dinosaurs ever lived in central Washington State. Archaeologists have found mastodon tusks and teeth there, but no dinosaur bones.

There are dinosaurs there now, though: More than 30 miniature replicas designed, built, and lovingly maintained by the City of Granger’s six public works employees. Scattered throughout the 1.8-square-mile community, the realistically rendered models range from a family of maiasaura to a velociraptor (the man-eaters in the movie Jurassic Park) and a triceratops.

They provide the city’s tagline — Where Dinosaurs Roam — and a constant stream of visitors.

Granger has about 3,300 residents, but 242,000 people live within 30 miles of the city, which is equidistant from Seattle and Spokane. Drawn by photos posted on social media and the chance to help increase the herd, tons of tourists visit every year.

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