PUBLIC WORKS News Service - Energy costs are less of a worry for operators of wastewater pump stations - along with clogs caused by modern trash, plastics, diapers and other large debris - thanks to a new pump from ITT Corporation, a global leader in the movement and treatment of water and wastewater.

The ITT Flygt N-pump with adaptive N-impeller technology is guaranteed to deliver energy savings of at least 25 percent when compared to using a channel or vortex impeller wastewater pump. The patented new impeller virtually eliminates clogs and drastically reduces maintenance needs and downtime.

The N-impeller moves axially upward to allow very large debris to pass through the submersible wastewater pump. It immediately returns to the normal operating position, close to the volute insert ring, once the large objects have gone. The N-impeller vanes feature a self-cleaning design. The backswept leading edges direct trash from the center to the perimeter of the inlet, while the relief groove and integrated guide pin in the volute force solids away from the impeller to be pumped away.

"ITT Flygt remains the industry front-runner in pump-station products, and we are the only manufacturer with adaptive impeller technology," said Ulf Arbeus, Research and Development Director of ITT Water & Wastewater. "Our customers need high-quality, reliable pumps to keep essential municipal processes running without maintenance issues or periods of downtime, and they need to reduce energy consumption as much as possible. We will continue to innovate with the N-pump platform to meet their needs."

Visitors to WEFTEC are seeing North America's first public demonstration of the new N-impeller technology, which ITT announced in July.

N-pumps are designed to lower total cost of ownership by saving customers energy, time and resources spent repairing and unclogging pumps. Features include:

  • High-efficiency hydraulics - in combination with the N-impeller, the hydraulic design delivers energy savings of 25 to 55 percent.
  • Customized modules - conventional hardened cast iron for typical applications, Hard-IronTM modules to provide greater wear resistance in highly abrasive and corrosive applications, or the chopper module for cutting long fibers or solids in wastewater.
  • High pumping capacities - up to 8,700 gallons per minute, 550 liters per second.
  • Seal wear protection - Spin OutTM, a patented design, protects the outer seal by removing abrasive particles from the seal chamber, extending seal life by as much as 40 percent.
  • Long-life bearings - all ITT Flygt pump bearings are selected to provide a minimum 50,000-hour service life.
  • International standards approval - pumps are tested and approved in accordance with national and international standards (IEC 34-1, CSA, Factory Mutual).
  • Pump selection assistance - ITT Water & Wastewater's WebFLYPS software application helps customers choose the optimum pump for each application.

Solutions in Santa Fe
The City of Santa Fe's municipal treatment plant serves the entire city with a 13-million-gallon capacity for itspopulation of 73,000. Plant Superintendent Luis Orozco called on ITT to help solve a daily clogging issue atthe treatment plant's clarifier scum pit. The problem was so bad that a vacuum had to clean the stationweekly to remove all of the trash, and even the vacuum truck clogged from the grease and large volume ofdebris.

ITT conducted a series of trials, and ultimately selected the ITT Flygt N-3085 pump equipped with theadaptive impeller design. When trash enters the volute the patented N-hydraulic directs it to the perimeter ofthe inlet, and the adaptive functionality allows the N-impeller to move axially, enabling very large-sized debristo pass.

Since installing the ITT Flygt N-3085 with the adaptive N-impeller, Orozco said that the pump station hasnot had one instance of clogging. "My team no longer has to deal with the messiness of removing a pumpand unclogging it and summoning the vacuum truck," Orozco said. "This new ITT Flygt N-pump technologysaves lots of time, money and headaches."

ITT Water & Wastewater offers a worldwide service network to ensure customers have the support that theyneed for anything from supplying pumps to customer specifications to offering full service assistance onsystem planning, design, construction, implementation, operation and maintenance. There is also a 15-yearspare part availability guarantee should a pump model be removed from production.

The ITT Flygt N-pump with the innovative adaptive impeller design is available now in small ITT Flygt N-3000 series pumps from 2.2 through 10 horsepower. To learn more, go to