Following a forest fire, surrounding areas can have lasting damage from erosion, flooding, and more. To prevent more erosion, Shelby’s Soil Erosion Control was awarded a rehabilitation project in California following the devastating forest fires of 2013 whose damage cost a total of $127 million. 

Shelby’s decided to hydroseed a 17-mile stretch with Hydro-Blanket BFM that sprays up to 200 feet up and down. Using this, Shelby’s was able to cover 5-10 acres per day to prevent further erosion caused the fires. The Hydro-Blanket BFM sprays “on as mulch but dries to form a breathable blanket that bonds more completely with soil. Effectively reducing the likelihood of erosion, it saves time and money compared to erosion control blankets.” Furthermore, it uses 100% recycled Thermally Refined wood fiber for greater water holding capacity. 

To learn more about the project and what other steps California is taking to fix areas disrupted by forest fires, click below. 

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