Elon Musk, founder of Tesla Motors, is working on a new project that could tackle the growing road, rail, and air traffic congestion. 

Named the Hyperloop Transportation System, Musk is working on a high-speed transportation network based in California that will travel at 760 miles per hour. 

Work on the project will begin in the next two to three weeks. The 5-mile, $150 billion prototype is currently in the works. This prototype is expected to take roughly 32 months to complete and then will be able to be tested on over 10 million passengers.

Chief operating officer of Hyperloop, Bilop Gabriele Gresta told Dezeen.com that “It is the closest thing to teletransporation.” 

The eventual goal is to cover 400-miles and allow passengers to go from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Currently, the trip by car takes about 6 hours to complete and just over an hour by plane. Hyperloop wants to cut that travel time down to just 30 minutes. 

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