“We've been able to identify all eligible damages and expedite reimbursement, thereby allowing for a constant stream of federal funding for the construction projects under way,” says Mendoza. “Over the next few years, we'll benefit from additional recovery-related street improvements exceeding $700 million.

“The estimated 300 projects scheduled for the near future concentrate the city's resources on rehabilitating roadways directly affecting local neighborhoods.”

— Norman (jnorman@drconsultants.org) is president of Disaster Recovery Consultants in New Orleans.

Strategic fundraising

Since 2005, the New Orleans Department of Public Works has obtained:

  • $38 million in FEMA reimbursements
  • $270 million in FHWA funds including the submerged roads, off-system bridge, road, and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Enhancement and Safety programs
  • $74 million in state permanent infrastructure repair revolving loans
  • $62 million in Community Development Block Grant funding for streetscaping and road improvements
  • $260 million in general obligation bonds
  • Total = $704 million.
  • Web Extra

    To see how Mendoza's team grouped enhancement projects, and to learn how another Hurricane Katrina victim secured $100 million in federal aid, visit the “article links” page under “resources” at www.pwmag.com.


    The stimulus package is paying entirely for the second phase of rebuilding Fleur de Lis Drive from Veterans Memorial Boulevard to 30th Street, an $11 million project. Image: Regional Planning Commission


    New Orleans Department of Public Works will soon begin the first phase of rebuilding Earhart Boulevard, from Hamilton Street to Fern Street, with $11 million in stimulus funding. Image: Regional Planning Commission