Welcome to your 24/7 Infrastructure Information Superstore. This volume is your portal to 1,800 products and services from 5,000 companies. Some are industry stalwarts that have served you and your predecessors for more than a century. Others, gleaned from our travel to trade shows and conferences around the country, more recently entered the marketplace. As your workplace faces increasingly tight times, some can help you and your team achieve efficiencies that wouldn't have been possible even five years ago.

We choose to share a product or service with you based on a single criterion: utility. The average taxpayer is unaware of how well you invest his or her relatively small contribution to your operation. Our enviable quality of life and global competitiveness rely on the assets without which society cannot function. That's why we publish this 13th issue every year: to help you stretch resources for your community's single largest (and most often overlooked) investment.

To that end, this compendium offers more than names and addresses, websites and telephone numbers. As the industry's most comprehensive research manual, it also provides insight into how a process, regulation, or technology works.

Each of the 14 product categories are introduced with articles that, for example, deconstruct cloud computing, provide critical but often overlooked vehicle-lift safety tips, explain how to install corrugated HDPE pipe, and describe landfill compaction best practices. You can find the full list of articles by referring to the table of contents on page 3. You can also find this edition's Web-exclusive material — including checklists, sidebars, and links — by clicking here.

Stephanie Johnston,
Editor in Chief