New York has the nation's largest municipal water supplier which produces what some consider the best tasting tap water in the nation. The process to make this water begins in the Catskill/Delaware watershed that produces more than 90% of the city's water supply.

The article by Emily S. Rueb explains the journey of this water following it's beginnings at the watershed. From the Catskill Aqeduct to the Hillsview Reservoir, we learn/see how 'the champagne of water' is cleaned and finally distributed to the residents of New York.

Also, we learn about future plans of the municipal water supplier that will further enhance the efficiency and cleanliness of New York's water:

The construction of the third tunnel, one of the largest capital projects in the city’s history, is being completed in phases. By the 2020s, the city says, the tunnel will carry water to all five boroughs — and allow much-needed inspections on tunnels one and two, which have been in continuous use since they were built in 1917 and 1936, respectively.

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