Based on your responses from our readers' service system, we've tallied the 12 most popular products to appear in our magazine for the past 12 months. Because the following are what you, our readers, chose to make your jobs easier, faster, and more efficient, they deserve another showing before the year closes out.

Recycled cold-patch

U.S. Cold Patch is a ready-to-use, recycled asphalt product used to permanently repair potholes, depressions, or cracks in asphalt or concrete surface. It may be applied year-round in all regions of the country that are subject to cutback asphalt restrictions as part of an effort to reduce VOCs and ground-level ozone pollution. The product is made from nearly 60% recycled asphalt pavement, is odorless, and cleans up with only soap and water. It is applied directly from the package and does not require curing. Patched areas are immediately available for traffic and may be repaved. Bonsal American Inc./Sakrete.

Crack injection concrete repair

The Roadware Microdoweling concrete repair system features needle tip injectable polyurethanes that penetrate deep into concrete surfaces and cure in as little as 10 minutes. Repairs can restore aggregate interlock in loose joints and can structurally bond slabs back together without becoming brittle. Roadware Inc.

Solar generators provide quiet, clean, free energy

These portable solar generators provide free electricity. They can power everything on a construction site, including saws, drills, vacuums, lights, and refrigeration. They can also be used for events and as backup generation during disasters. The custom generators are environmentally friendly, quiet, and do not emit any fumes. They can be used as backup to, or in place of, grid power. Spirit of the Sun Solar Systems LLC.

Flexible high-protection gloves

The Cut Protection Glove offers construction professionals unparalleled hand protection while preserving comfort an and dexterity. It uses patented Intercept Technology Stretch Armor Yarn, developed jointly with DuPont, that combines comfortable Ansell fiber technology with the strength and durability of Kevlar and steel. To deliver “bare hand” levels of dexterity and comfort, the glove uses Ansell's patented Knitted Variable Stitch Technology paired with a water-resistant foam nitrile dip to ensure ultimate flexibility, comfort, and grip for any application, allowing wearers to perform even fine motor tasks such as handling nails and screws without having to remove their gloves. Ansell Healthcare.

Water leak locator reduces background noise

Small and easy to operate, the HL 10 Acoustic Water Leak Locator collects acoustical readings and displays those values to reliably locate even tiny leaks, and the three filter settings allow the equipment to be adjusted to the individual task. The volume and sensitivity control enables a technician to identify leaks immediately by reducing environmental background noise. The visual LED indicator assists the leak location procedure and the one-handed, ambidextrous unit allows for efficient completion of multiple tasks. Leak results are stored with a touch of the mute switch. A built-in LED light improves visibility in dark areas. It also includes an IP 67 piezo contact microphone with magnet and tripod for pinpointing on roads and concrete, and extension rods allow for leak detection surveys on hydrants, valves, and meters. Metrotech Corp.

Control erosion and vegetation

Enviroflex is an articulating concrete erosion control block used for dam/spillway overflow security, detention/retention basins, and embankments. It also enables vegetation and stormwater infiltration from the openings of the block units. Each block interlocks, reducing the chances of it overturning by removing protruding edges. Soil Retention Products Inc.

Detectable surface insert

The flexible, unbreakable construction of the Ultra-ADA Pads forms to fit dips, slopes, and inclines in sidewalks and walkways. The pads also offer better slip resistance and impact resistance than composites. Heavy-duty galvanized steel mesh is molded into the bottom of the pad to help secure it to the concrete. Pads are quickly and easily installed: simply press into freshly poured concrete until the steel mesh is embedded and the pad is flush with the surface. UltraTech International Inc.

Green rip rap

Put an end to the post-construction scour and erosion process to your soil with the ScourStop transition mat. Labeled the “green solution to rip rap,” this product mechanically protects the soil using an HDPE plastic mat and the combination of vegetation with modern material technology. The transition mats are permanent and require little maintenance. They are available in several different installation designs, are usable in a variety of applications, and are engineered with 10-year UV protection. Erosion Tech LLC.

Street-legal utility vehicle

Thanks to its AC drive system, the Carryall line of battery-powered low-speed vehicles (LSVs) runs even more quietly than its DC predecessors. Standard features include cab enclosures; safety belts; hydraulic disc front and drum rear four-wheel brakes; U.S. DOT radial tires; lighting packages with headlights, turn signals, and backup lights; bucket seats; and heavy-duty front bumpers. Club Car Inc.

Ultra-durable carbide-edged snow blades

Engineered with rugged Kennametal tungsten carbide, the I.C.E. (Isolated Carbide-Edged) series snowplow blades save maintenance downtime so users can spend more time plowing. The replaceable blade sections feature tungsten carbide buttons; handle embedded markers and rumble strips; and enable high-speed plowing over cracks, expansion joints, and uneven surfaces. They mount over existing blades using existing holes. When mounted at the highest wear areas of the moldboard, they provide a straight edge even in packed snow. No moldboard shoes are needed. Kennametal Inc.

Continuous pollutant-capturing trap

The Bandalong Litter Trap is made of inert, corrosion-free HDPE and aluminum. The trash-collecting device is placed into waterways and uses the current to capture pollutants before they flow downstream. It operates continuously 365 days/year without the need of mechanical assistance. Storm Water Systems.

Prevents batteries from going dead

Available in 85A and 200A versions, Smart Battery isolators 48525 and 48530 prevent loads on the auxiliary battery from draining the starting battery, so equipment in the field always fires up. Able to work regardless of alternator type, the isolator allows bi-directional charging from alternators or from other power chargers or converters. Cole Hersee Co.