After becoming a viral sensation, the "Suicidal Deer" sign in Paxton, Ill. has been stolen - all of it. Button Township  Highway Commissioner Ron Hilligoss was not the least bit surprised by this turn of events given the the 30 million people that he says heard about the sign.

The sign, which was purchased for $42 by the Ford County Highway Department, was stolen some time between Friday evening and Saturday morning last week from its intersection location. As to the future of these signs that warned travelers about the large number of deer in the area, that is currently up in the air:

Because people might “just steal them,” Hilligoss said he does not know whether he will put up any of the other three “Suicidal Deer” signs his township still has in storage.

“I might put one up next year right before deer season, but I haven’t decided what I will do,” Hilligoss said.

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