Electronic operations and maintenance (O&M) manuals are state-of-the-art tools that can optimize day-to-day operations and help with continuous training of operators, providing both an understanding of how and why operations are performed in a certain way.

Municipalities are more frequently investing in such platforms based on their ability to effectively retain and convey institutional knowledge. An electronic O&M manual goes far beyond the old-fashioned paper manual, providing features such as photographs, streaming video, operator notes, and history. It also can have sections with electronic CAD drawings, revisions to as-builts, plant process monitoring data, and compliance data. An electronic O&M manual features chat rooms or bulletin boards for problems and can retain important e-mail threads on issues and innovative troubleshooting solutions.

It can be Web-based or saved to a local area network, depending on the size and proximity of staff and work. For example, a Web-based program allows larger municipalities with multiple facilities to access information. Different users would have access to different parts of the manual depending on their roles and needs.