PUBLIC WORKS Online recently surveyed industry professionals on what sort of e-waste is being collected by their public works department. The surprising result is that half the respondents told us their departments aren't collecting any e-waste at all.

Respondents were provided a list of technology waste items, including cameras, cellular phones, computer equipment, home television and audio gear, telephones and fax machines, and asked to select every category of item that was currently being collected by their public works departments. Among those that indicated that some sort of e-waste was being collected by their public works departments, most indicated that computer equipment was being covered. 35 percent of respondents cited computers and monitors among disposable items in their communities, and 30 percent said that printers were being collected. Additionally, 35 percent of those surveyed noted that accomodations were being made at their public works departments to collect televisions.

Computers and monitors: 35 percent
Televisions: 35 percent
Printers: 30 percent
Cellular phones: 25 percent
Audio equipment: 20 percent
Fax machines: 15 percent
Telephones: 10 percent
Cameras: 5 percent

None of the above: 50 percent