X-ray vision
The Product: RoadScan

What it is: Ground-penetrating radar system typically used to verify asphalt thickness; also evaluates the road's base and sub-base as well as performance of geotextiles.

Where to get it: Geophysical Survey Systems Inc., www.geophysical.com.

The User: John Amestoy, non-destructive testing supervisor, Montana DOT

How he uses it: To gather data on a road's structural integrity.

Benefits: The DOT collects data at 5 mph, giving them the high resolution needed for accuracy.

The wow factor: The DOT is using RoadScan to build a conditions database of Montana's 1200 miles of Interstates, enabling the agency to identify, prioritize, and schedule improvements.

Instant tracking
The Product: GBA Work Master

What it is: Software that integrates work orders, planning, and budgeting into asset management and a GIS.

Where to get it: GBA Master Series Inc., www.gbams.com,.

The User: Dave Byers, director of public works operations, Chula Vista, Calif.

How he uses it: It ties into the city's GIS; for example, assigning each manhole a separate identification number so work orders and all other information regarding individual manholes are in a single database.

Benefits: It allows the city to track what, where, and how much assets and repairs cost through one work/asset management program.

The wow factor: All product and project information about each city parcel is revealed with one click of a mouse. A technician can simply point to an item on the map, and data and work order information are automatically associated with that parcel.