The latest flavor from New York City-based 5 Boroughs Ice Cream—Staten Island Landfill—joins the company's growing line of NYC-inspired sweet concoctions. However, one local politician finds the frozen confection hard to swallow.

The ice cream is named after a landfill that New York City toted its refuse to for decades, until the facility was shuttered in 2001. Instead of spent coffee grounds and take-out containers, Staten Island Landfill is a tasteful mélange of vanilla ice cream, brownie chunks, and cherries. Kim and Scott Myles thought of the name as a way to turn a negative part of the borough's history into something more palatable.

Staten Island borough president James Molinaro doesn't see it that way.

“The stereotyping of our community is as ignorant as it is hurtful,” the incensed politician wrote in a letter on the borough's Web site.

However, rather than hurting business, Molinaro's protest has helped make the flavor 5 Boroughs' best seller, beating out South Bronx Cha Cha Chocolate, Upper East Side Rich White Vanilla, and others. And Kim and Scott hold no hard feelings toward the politician.

“We love New York, we love opinionated New Yorkers, and we hope to continue celebrating our town in tasty ice cream form for years to come,” says Kim.

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