On-the-fly asset management for field crews.

Public works supervisors with field crews need asset management software that can keep up with their mobile teams. Mobile311 by FacilityDude allows users to easily document field work and routes on a web-based, ESRI-integrated map. With one touch, the location and type of work are instantly uploaded to the map so supervisors can see where their units are in real-time and can prioritize assignments based on location. Crews know where to go while they’re on the move and stay armed with the information they need to perform their work. Mobile311 streamlines communication, which helps crews to be more efficient and responsive in the field.

• Responsiveness - Receive citizen requests and quickly assign the nearest crews to urgent requests.
• Transparency - Document routes, improve information sharing and track work.
• Productivity - Improve efficiency of routes and easily flag issues for other departments.


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