Solution Test Cycle for Pilot Program
Solution Test Cycle for Pilot Program

Teams cannot have eureka! moments when members are trying so hard to be right they refuse to entertain the possibility that they might be wrong. It’s more important to get it right than to be right.

Our pilot project’s goal was to develop a proof of concept demonstrating the feasibility of Real-time Asset Mapping (RtAM) as a standard operating procedure for large municipal construction projects. Here were the priorities:

  • Get assets surveyed — N,E,Z (or X,Y,Z), material, size — before they were buried.
  • Compare survey data to design plans and report any variance over threshold limits.
  • Get CAD designers to spatially correct the design plans, thus creating accurate record plans.
  • Get survey data into the GIS.

Our goal was to create integrated solutions, implement them, and rigorously test them to identify problems. And then re-innovate, re-implement, and re-test.

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