As tech-savvy infrastructure managers well know, geographic information systems (GIS) can be a powerful tool. However, selling the expense of investing in GIS to constituents and policymakers can be a tough task.

The Library of Congress has released a new book that lays out how Capitol Hill legislators rely on analytical maps to visualize and assess pressing issues, trends, and crises. Mapping for Congress: Supporting Policy with GIS provides real-life examples that infrastructure managers can show to elected officials and citizenry to win their case for GIS implementation.

More than 25 maps incorporate data on transportation, environmental management, population, and other public issues. “GIS is helping governments at all levels connect with their citizens in a visual, analytical framework that is easy to understand,” says Jack Dangermond, president of Redlands, Calif.-based GIS technology firm ESRI.

The book is available at bookstores and through online retailers. Visit for more information.