TechnologyEssentials suite
TechnologyEssentials suite

The TechnologyEssentials suite is designed from the ground up to serve as a centralized IT backbone for your organization.

Offering a robust and fully scalable family of applications, TechnologyEssentials enables public works IT teams to automatically discover all IT assets connected to a network, as well as maintain access, oversight and control across their entire organizational technology infrastructure.

TechnologyEssentials is comprised of the following solutions:
• Incident - From a single sign-on portal, Incident allows IT professionals to streamline the help desk process, via automated workflows, asset tracking and detailed reporting.

• Insight - Yielding complete visibility into the technology infrastructure, Insight offers dashboard views, including discovering all IP-addressable devices and capturing critical status updates for software, operating systems and warranties.

• MDM - TechnologyEssentials' Mobile Device Management (MDM) gives administrators the power to simply and remotely manage device policy, supervise device usage and control application distribution across the network.

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