Retriever’s Prepare is an advanced field application technology that aims to improve field worker efficiency and productivity by eliminating the need for manual or excel-based pre-job planning processes.

Created for industries that manage multi-stage work orders/projects, such as utilities and energy, the solution aims to improve the service experience by removing the-disconnect between appointment makers, dispatchers and field technicians. Configurable automation solution Prepare lets technicians arrive at an asset or customer site with the right equipment and armed with the information needed to finish the job the first time.

End-user friendly and practical, specific features include:
• Appointment management
• User-friendly web portal to manage customer appointment slots
• Information about technician (including sub-contractors) availability and schedule coordination integrated into appointment management solution
• Easier scrutiny of organizational compliance
• Mobile Apps to allow easy input from field workers regarding availability and certification

Job planning
• Manage tasks requiring completion prior to job commencement (e.g. pre-scope inspections or parts order)
• Management of job planning processes for improved productivity and higher quality outcomes
• Track and record all pre-job task activities, access full audit history

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