Asset Management

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    GASB 34 requirements

    Benefits of the modified approach

  • Colorado's South Adams County water and sanitation district chooses VUEWorks for GIS-integrated asset management

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    How to secure funding for GIS

    A step-by-step process for calculating return on investment.

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    Creating geospatial data

    Getting contractors to submit files online so your geodatabase is as accurate as possible.

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    Mapping a new GIS strategy

    One Florida utility department upgrades its data collection from old-fashioned maps to state-of-the-art technology.

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    Group Effort

    Using a geodatabase to accurately bill service connections.

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    Unexpected Payoff

  • It's All in the Hand

    Choosing a handheld computer for GIS data collection

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    Diy Gis

    A small department in a small town uses Microsoft Access and Google Earth to quickly and cheaply build a GIS database.

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    Breaking down the barriers

    Three Southeastern communities morph street centerline projects into interdepartmental and, in some cases, intergovernmental asset management programs.

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    West Nile clampdown

    A technology-driven abatement program limits the spread of disease.

  • Understanding satellite-positioning technology

    This glossary sheds light on how unique Albuquerque's new GPS system—the first government-owned system with tri-constellation capability—is.

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    GPS on steroids

    Mesa del Sol is the first large-scale application of Albuquerque's Real Time Global Navigation Satellite System—GNSS—Network (ARTGN), the world's first government-owned, triple-constellation-capable, real-time GPS network.

  • GIS-Based Asset Management Breeds Homers

    GIS-Based Management Solutions: Your "Easy Button": Justin Gough, president, NovotX LLC, Clearfield, Utah.

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    Geographic information system software and accessories

    The American Red Cross is turning to GIS technology to aid in relief efforts following hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Computer mapping, spatial analysis, and GIS Web services have helped the agency manage and distribute food, clothing, and housing. In addition, workers have used the technology to set...

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    Sewer systems inventoried

    The historic city of Alexandria, Va., is abandoning its outdated hard-copy utility maps in favor of up-to-date sanitary, storm, and combined sewer geographic information system (GIS) maps created in the field, in real time.

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    PM worth its weight in gold

    It's cheaper to avert repairs than wait until they're necessary. By implementing a preventive maintenance plan, two very different departments reduced traffic signal failures and lowered life-cycle cost.

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    Connecting the dots

    Geographic information systems evolve with each advance in computer and telecommunications technology.

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    Web-based snow job

    A look at how Hamilton Township overhauled their snow response system.

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    Water well done

    The 2006 Competitiveness Awards, bestowed by the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies (AMWA, applauds water systems that get their job done brilliantly.


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