Stephanie Reid
Rea D. Elliott Stephanie Reid

City Engineer
Lincoln City, Ore.
Population served: 8,000 (summer pop.: 30,000)
Favorite technology: The Internet

Access to critical information is the foundation of public works professionals’ ability to deliver creative projects and services better, safer, more sustainable, and cost effectively, says Stephanie Reid. So with the vast amount of information that’s available online, she muses, what could be better than the Internet?

Twenty-five years ago, every public works office kept reference libraries full of manuals pertaining to transportation, stream restoration, concrete, and every municipal engineering topic in between. Construction specifications and statutes, guidelines, and industry standards were only available in print formats. “I could never have enough books, catalogues, or magazines,” says Reid.

“Today, we may keep a few of our favorite college reference books, but for the most part it’s all online,” she says. “At our fingertips is the most amazing collection of relevant information available—including the most current versions of specifications and standard drawings, newly published and past news articles, expert discussion threads, municipal codes and state statutes, examples of master plans, and requests for proposals published by other municipalities, just to name a few valuable Internet searches.”

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