Bonnie Teaford
Bonnie Teaford

Public Works Director
City of Burbank, Calif.
Population served: 104,000 (plus 100,000 commuters)
Employees: 185
Budget: $60 million; $15 million to $60 million CIP
Favorite technology: The latest new thing

Sometimes there is no favored innovation, when so many have helped improve operations. “Usually, the latest favorite gets absorbed into our day-to-day operations, and soon we cannot even imagine life without it,” says Bonnie Teaford.

The public works director is especially fond of anything that makes communication easier, faster, and more mobile. “Like our smartphones and tablets that allow us to talk, email, text, tweet, map, film, photograph, research, and more, unfettered by location,” she says. “Not only has this allowed us to work more efficiently, but it has made our city’s resources—and us—more accessible to the citizens we serve.”

But she also reminds us that new technologies are not without their headaches. “The new gizmo or application tends to wobble between being our latest favorite as we welcome increased efficiencies and being our newest nemesis as we sometimes struggle through the rollout period.”

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