Precision jet cutting uses 29,000 psi of water pressure to blast away fats, oils, greases, sand, sludge, tree roots, and even concrete. Demonstrations are free but public works departments need to register at or

The SR-SERIES features a Twist-and-lock mechanism that enables switching between equipment for different applications. Use the 6,000Watt-strong cutting equipment for lateral reinstatement, reducing offsets, trimming protruding laterals or other grinding, milling and cutting operations. Attach precision jet cutting equipment to the SR-SERIES base robot to remove all kind of materials from pipelines using water pressures up to 29,000psi.

Precision jet cutting is a new technique, specially designed for the removal of three roots and other materials from 7” up to 40” pipelines. Precision jet cutting uses water, pumped under high-pressure, to blast directly at the material that needs to be cut away via a very precise steerable cutting nozzle. A camera and high-power LEDs provide excellent vision at the operation and water pressures are adjusted to the materials. Fats, oils, greases, sand, sludge, calcium, thick roots, complete blockades, hard plastics, clay, cement and even concrete can all be removed from pipelines using precision jet cutting with pressures up to 29,000psi.


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