When members of Congress returned to Washington this month, after their summer recess, members had a lot on their plates to tackle. Yet, one issue that isn’t getting enough attention is funding for the nation’s roads through the Highway Trust Fund bill. The funding for the HTF is set to expire in December 2015 after Congress, by the skin of its teeth, passed an $8 billion extension in July that would cover state payments for transportation projects through the the third quarter of the 2016 fiscal year. 

However, the Department of Transportation released a report saying that the federal government is expected to run out of money for infrastructure projects by June 2016, which is six months later than previously expected.  DOT continues to urge Congress to not stand by with this later projection, but instead asking Congress to continue to move forward in passing an extension of the HTF by Oct. 29 as originally planned.

The extension could provide lawmakers with an added motivation to find better solutions to funding the Highway Trust Fund.

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