President of Lotic Solutions, LLC Bryan Dick, P.E., PH, M.ASCE will lead a webinar on stormwater BMPs, stream restoration, ecological engineering, and erosion control design on February 19, 2016. These are projects that typically appear to be straightforward to contractors but they often have deviations from standards that are in place. This webinar will demonstrate the types of issues you may run into as well as how to best solve them.

Here are some of the benefits to attending this webinar:

  • Appreciate the need for qualified contractors and unique construction
  • Learn ways to balance the cost of oversight and the need to see the project is well constructed
  • Develop an awareness of the ultimate cost of reconstruction due adequate oversight
  • Understand how the long term performance of the project is put at risk without proper construction
  • Learn about the importance of qualified construction observation personnel
  • Explore real world situations of from well implemented and poorly implemented projects
  • Each attendee earns 1.0 Professional Development Hour (1.0 PDH)

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