After more than 80 years in existence, L.A.'s Sixth Street Viaduct is being demolished. Built in 1932, the viaduct is mostly agreed upon as the most beautiful of the 13 pre-World War II spans that traverse the Los Angeles River. This "bridge" also has over 80 movies, television shows, music videos, and commercials are shot on or underneath it each year.

Despite the fame and beauty associated with the Six Street Viaduct, there was one glaring issue: the bridge was falling apart. This year the bridge will be demolish and once again the river, now covered, will become a river. Due to the large size of the bridge, water from beneath it was used to mix the concrete used for construction:

The result was a building material with a high alkali content; that led to an alkali-silica reaction that cracked and crumbled the bridge’s undercarriage. Over the years, the bridge was patched, often with heavy, metal plates, which further weighed the span down. By the early 2000s, the California Department of Transportation had estimated that the viaduct had a 70 percent chance of collapsing during the next major earthquake.

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