Earlier this month, the Environmental Protection Agency announced two proposals to further combat climate change. A part of President Obama’s “Climate Action Plan — Strategy to Reduce Methane Emissions,” the proposals are aimed to further reduce emissions of methane-rich gas from municipal solid waste landfills. The aim is to reduce methane emissions by a third than they currently stand. 

Methane is estimated to have a global warming potential of more than 25 times than that of carbon dioxide. Climate change experts say that climate change can cause health and welfare for current and future generations, with children and the elderly being more at risk to the health impacts of climate change. 

The two proposals are estimated, combined, to reduce methane emissions by an estimated 487,000 tons a year starting in 2025. 

EPA estimates the climate benefits of the combined proposals at nearly $750 million in 2025 or nearly $14 for every dollar spent to comply. Combined costs of the proposed rules are estimated at $55 million in 2025.

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