The entrance to South Pasadena, FL is clearly a work of public art.

The mural, designed and constructed by Creative Edge of Fairfield, Iowa, measures 25' x 18' and is two-sided, with the same design and waterjet-cut work on both sides.

The project took four months from initial work with South Pasadena officials to the final installation. Creative Edge's work included engineering of the project's structure, which included underground footing to meet Florida's requirements for construction in tropical-storm zones. "Working closely with city officials, we created a public-art piece that attracts much local attention and inspires positive community response," stated Jim Belilove, president of Creative Edge.

The mural is a mix of stone and ceramic pieces, although most of the color is provided with natural stone. Belilove says the work includes blue marble from Greece and granites from India, including a sandy-brown Kashmir Gold and the gold-flecked Galaxy Black.

Creative Edge's waterjet cut pieces as small as 1/8" x 1/4", with the miniscule parts going in detail areas such as dolphins' eyes in the mosaic. The mosaic was assembled into sectors of 1' x 1' tiles, and then crated and transported from Iowa to Florida. Creative VP Robert Sawyer then used his years of experience in installation to assemble the project.

"This level of detail and scale is only possible since the advent of computerized waterjet technology," says Jim Belilove. "For a successful waterjet project, all the components are necessary; the designers must work with the programmers, the programmers with the machine operators, and the completed job must be shipped safely and be installer-friendly when it arrives!"