Puppies plucked from pipes

Last month, we reported on a kitten rescued from a storm sewer drain. This month, it's an abandoned litter of puppies rescued from a Melbourne, Fla., pipe. Firefighters used rakes, ropes, and—as with the kitten—a blast of water to help free the cute critters. Nearby Lipscomb Street was closed for two hours during the effort. All wee woofers escaped without injury.

Highway shut down by ‘repair rage'

Road rage is nothing new, but one California road recently shut down because of angry motorists abusing construction workers. Irked by the inconvenient detours caused by the widening of Highway 138, drivers yelled insults, issued death threats, shot BB guns, and even hurled a burrito at roadside crews. The end result: Commuters now have to take a significant detour around the site.

Ancient outhouse flush with treasures

The site where a pair of outdoor commodes stood 130 years ago is turning out to be rich with archeological treasures. To date, a dig at the 3.5-acre site in Ventura, Calif., has unearthed a pistol, bowie knife, a set of false teeth, and two dog skulls. Archaeologist Marisa Solorzano theorizes that someone used the knife to dispatch the dogs, then dumped the bodies and blade down the commode.

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