Do you really want to hurt me?

Former Culture Club singer Boy George spent five days in August toiling for the New York Department of Sanitation in court-ordered community service resulting from a drug-possession charge. George wasn't too pleased by the media attention—”Go home!” he yelled to spectators as he swept trash off a Manhattan sidewalk—and he was moved to an enclosed yard away from prying paparazzi eyes.

Sludge and chardonnay

How's this for a wild time: the Neponset River Watershed Association in Walpole, Mass., is encouraging septic-system owners to host at their homes “pump-out parties”—educational workshops on the importance of proper system care. During a June shindig, two citizens served wine and cheese to observing neighbors—although, understandably, the cleaning demonstration brought the noshing to a halt.

Sewer cinema

In theaters now, Flushed Away tells the tail of Roddy, a hoity-toity “society mouse" who gets flushed away into the bustling sewer world of Ratropolis. On his journey through the pipes, he meets lovely Rita, the villainous Toad, dirty rats Spike and Whitey, and other oddball characters. The animated flick features the voices of Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet, and Ian McKellen. For a PUBLIC WORKS review of the movie, visit

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