Hunters shot down by dump

A group of rifle-toting hunters were trying to round up their hounds in Ocala National Forest (Lake County, Fla.) when they came across an illicit sewage dump. The smell emanating from the dump—apparently from a sewage truck that had improperly liberated its contents at the roadside location—was noxious enough to send seven of the hunters to the hospital.

India city legalizes bribery

Before Ajay Shankar Pandey took the helm as Ghaziabad's municipal commissioner, municipal contractors weren't being paid, officials were demanding bribes, and crucial services were falling by the wayside. So Pandey legalized bribery—contractors now pay the city 15% of what they receive for a job, and the funds are channeled back into city projects. In three months, the practice has garnered the city $4.7 million.

‘Holy' road

A group of Christians believes Isaiah 35:8 (“A highway shall be there, and a road, and it shall be called the Highway of Holiness”) refers to I-35, which runs from southern Texas to northern Minnesota. They've been praying up and down the interstate in the hopes of keeping it free from tragedy (such as the I-35 bridge collapse near Minneapolis, and President Kennedy's assassination near I-35 in Dallas 44 years ago). Owners of the strip clubs and adult stores along I-35 landscape are not shouting “hallelujah.”