Where the sidewalk ends

A grandmother was nearly swallowed alive by a 5-foot-deep, 5-foot-wide sinkhole in a Brooklyn (New York City) sidewalk in December. Firefighters used metal hooks to pull chunks of broken pavement off the woman before extricating her. The 64-year-old woman was only slightly injured and laughed when rescuers commented on how her groceries had spilled into the hole with her.

Unholy water

Does bottled water anger the Almighty? A number of Canadian churches think so, actively condemning consumption of commercial bottled water as environmentally destructive, or as “the commercialization of God's gift of life.” The only exception for which the Big Guy allegedly pardons the use of bottled water: in areas where clean drinking water isn't available.

Sewage of the stars

California health officials might have to do some septic sleuthing to detect the source of leaks fouling the coastline near celebrity-populated Malibu. They'll determine whether they need to look at the community's septic tanks individually after tests determine whether the sewage has human DNA or is from animals, such as runoff from chicken farms (the theory of Malibu resident and animal activist Pamela Anderson).

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