Former dump to honor comatose leader

Government officials in Israel are mulling a plan that would name a park—situated on top of what used to be the country's largest landfill—after comatose former prime minister Ariel Sharon. “His love of the land, its landscapes, and of the flora and fauna was a deep, true love,” says environment minister Yisrael Maimon. Yes, but how did he feel about the garbage?

Tour set to sting world water woes

Aging rockers The Police will donate a chunk of the proceeds from their upcoming reunion tour to Water Aid, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing clean water and sanitation to poverty-stricken countries. The group claims to have used low-cost technology to bring clean water to 8.5 million people. With ticket prices as high as $225 apiece, the tour won't leave the group high and dry.

Gleaming loo = good luck

A feng shui-related movement has Japanese homeowners scrubbing their toilets spotless. Published in March, “Cleaning the toilet to attract luck” is the latest publication in a series that tells readers they can draw good fortune with cleaning fluids and elbow grease. One piece of advice: “It's important to maintain a positive mood while cleaning.”