China is continuing to build glass bridges between its mountains and the latest bridge, the bridge at the Tianmenshan National Forest Park in Zhangjiajie, will be the longest. This new bridge will measure at 430m (1410 ft) across a gorge, 300m (984 ft) up from the bottom of the valley and will be able to hold 800 people at once.

While China continues to build these bridges, they have not been without their troubles:

Lured by the promise of a boost to tourism, China's national parks have continued to dream up bolder and more ambitious bridge projects, despite one of the bridges cracking recently. The glass walkway at Yuntai Mountain Geological Park — not a suspension bridge, but providing a scary fall down the mountain all the same — cracked under tourists' feet in October 2015, and officials had to close the U-shaped pathway. It cracked just a month after it opened.

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