Department of the Year

  • An Award-Winning Assist

    Infrastructure enhancements like the widening of County Road 540A don't get off the ground without the Fleet Management Division, which repairs, maintains, and fuels nearly 2200 vehicles and pieces of heavy equipment for all county divisions, eight municipalities, several state agencies, and even...

  • Countywide Cross-Pollination

    There are many reasons Polk County, Fla., residents and elected officials should be proud. For one, the National Civil League dubbed it an All-American County for its grassroots community programs. And for another, people like working there. That's why it earned a Department of the Year Honorable...

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    Learning Curve

    Once someone joins the Chesapeake Public Works Department, they never seem to want to leave. Of the 500 employees on staff, nearly 100 have been there 20 years or more. If you want to know why, ask Jerry Ivory.

  • Who's your customer?

    The goal of Fort Wayne's Public Works and Utilities Department is to replace six of the city's 1000 miles of water mains each year.

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    Department of the Year

    Fort Wayne (Ind.) Public Works and Utilities Department's quantifiable approach to problem-solving enables public works to deliver better service to one-third more customers with the same number of employees. That's why the department took top honors in our third annual Department of the Year...

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    2006 Department of the Year

    Four cities earn top honors in our second annual Department of the Year award program. A jury of their peers says these departments raise the standard of excellence for themselves, their communities, and their profession.

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    2005 Public Works Department of the Year Winners

    Winners from the 2005 PUBLIC WORKS Department of the Year contest.

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    Public works and municipal utilities departments, Chandler, Ariz.

    Rapid expansion is common to American cities. For Chandler, Ariz., population growth and development is especially challenging. The city enjoys the distinction of being rated the seventh fastest growing city of all U.S. municipalities with populations exceeding 100,000. Over the past 10 years...

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    Butler County Department of Environmental Services, Butler County, Ohio

    Butler County sits in southwestern Ohio on Interstate 75. Its population of 339,828 ranks it as the eighth largest county in the state, and its current expansion boom is expected to continue for decades to come. Facing such significant sustained growth, the Butler County Department of Environmental...

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    Department of Public Works, Norfolk, Va.

    A city founded in 1682 might seem an unlikely candidate for most progressive public works department in the United States, but after reviewing characteristics such as innovative approaches, staff qualifications, training opportunities, and fiscal control, PUBLIC WORKS' choice for our first...


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